Endorsements for

Rochelle Ross


Re-Elect Rochelle Ross


I fully endorse Rochelle Ross for the HEBISD school board. During the past four years she has shown her dedication to the students and employees of this district as a member of the board. She has upheld the beliefs and values of this district through the use of continuous improvement. Please join me in voting for a Rochelle this May!
Ellen Jones, former HEB ISD School Board President

“We need more elected officials to ask the hard questions and go against the flow. Rochelle Ross does exactly that, and stewards our children and our money well.  For every one of her actions, she asks, “Is this what is best for kids?”  Notice she doesn’t ask if it’s best for her kids, or her friends’ kids.  She asks if it’s best for all kids.  If it is, she fights for it.  If it’s not, she fights against it.  

That’s what I want of my school board members, to remember that it’s about the students, not about the adults.  Rochelle Ross knows that deep in her soul, and she’s earned my endorsement and my vote.  Return Rochelle Ross to the HEBISD School Board in 2021, so she can continue to fight for our children.”

Trasa Cobern, Trinity High School, US History Teacher

I have had a front row seat watching Rochelle Ross serve kids as our HEBISD Board Secretary. She is involved at all levels, represents us well through the HEB Chamber of Commerce and is an esteemed Master Trustee through Leadership TASB. I fully support her re-election!

Fred Campos, HEB ISD Trustee Place 7

Rochelle Ross has my support for her re-election to HEB ISD Place 4.  She has shown her dedication to her district, students and teachers.  Rochelle has my vote and I hope you vote for her too.

Perry Bynum, Euless City Councilman

I first met Rochelle at the HEB Leadership Academy a few years back. She was the lead instructor/coach at the time and through the course of the academy it became abundantly clear to me just how passionate she is about our community. Since then I have become more involved in the community and it never ceases to amaze me that I see Rochelle involved in what seems like every activity or event that I attend or become involved further cementing in my mind how she is not just passionate about making our community better – she is determined!

Subsequently, I have had the pleasure of working with Rochelle on both the Board of Directors for HEB Chamber of Commerce and the HEBISD Foundation. Her ideas are well thought out, compassionate and fresh. Having two daughters that went through the HEBISD schools from kindergarten to graduation from Trinity I became an ardent fan of the HEBISD system. Rochelle has not only demonstrated her ability to continually propel the district, she is driven to do so.

I could not more strongly recommend Rochelle Ross for re-election to the HEBISD Board of Trustees. I hope that you join me in that endeavor and throw your support behind Rochelle.

Brad Parker, Parker Law Firm

I first met Rochelle Ross as a dedicated, loving parent of one of my students, and now I am fortunate to know her also as a Board Member for HEB ISD. I have experienced firsthand her great love for students and educators in Hurst-Euless-Bedford. She is a passionate advocate for teachers, working tirelessly to build bridges between schools and the local community. Any time we need supplies or support, Rochelle finds a way to make it happen through donors and contributors. She is proactive in reaching out before we even have to ask, and her unwavering support and positivity mean the world to us. I strongly endorse Rochelle Ross for re-election! She is a blessing to our HEB ISD community.
Lea Dukes, Advanced Academics, Bell Manor Elementary

I fully endorse Rochelle Ross for School Board Trustee, Place 4. She has a big heart and truly cares about the students, teachers, and administrators of this District. 

Dawn Jordan-Wells, HEB ISD Trustee Place 4